Medicare booth at Walmart stores

We still have a few booths available!

Send your request now to reserve your top choices of stores in your neighborhood.

This year we’ll again have the WALMART Medicare enrollment booths available, for Medicare Advantage and MedSupp plans. See list of available stores left (they’re going fast!)

  • Phase I – ends this week, where last year’s agents have the chance to keep their stores.
  • Phase II – starts next week, NEW AGENTS have the option to request a booth in the remaining Walmart stores, or option to team with other agents to cover the same booth (in blocks of 4 hours). Minimum 20 hours weekly/team required.

Let me know if you’re interested to cover a Walmart booth for this year’s open enrollment.

Agents write on average about 50 applications during the open enrollment period.

($433 x 50) = $21,650 commission in 7 week open enrollment period, 20 hours/week. Booth cost: $500, refundable.


If you are awarded a store, the $500 deposit (refundable) will be due immediately. If your preferred store(s) were taken by other agent/agency, then no fee is paid.


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